DIY V8 Engine Model That Run 28cc Gasoline/Nitro Engine KIT FS-V800

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Vendor: TOYAN
🔔 Description

TOYAN V8 Engine & HOWIN FS-V800 1/10 Scale 28cc Engine for RC Car & Boat- Build Your Own V8 Engine - V8 Engine Model Kit That Works



About HOWIN:
TOYAN & HOWIN's design team member, HOWIN, is a specialist in researching and developing V8 internal combustion engines. This V8 engine is a co-branded product of TOYAN & HOWIN.

TOYAN first V-8 4 stroke nitro engine release now!! TOYAN FS-V800 still adopts red and black which means recognizable color to TOYAN engines,  do you like it?
When applied in rc monster trucks, pulling trucks and even drag cars,
TOYAN V8 engine should be an absolute beast!


  • Model: FS-V800
  • Form: KIT Version
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Cylinder: V-type 8 Cylinder
  • Stroke: 4 Stroke
  • Displacement: 28cc (3.5cc* 8)
  • Bore: 16.67mm
  • Stroke: 17.00mm
  • Angle: 90°
  • RPM: 1800-12500rpm
  • Power: 4.35ps@11200rpm
  • Cooling Mode: Water cooling
  • Starting Mode: Electric (including starting motor)
  • Ignition Mode: 2 4-in-1(or 8-in-1) stabilized ignition modules
  • Type of Electric Plug: F-type 4-stroke electric plug
  • Lubrication Mode: Splash Lubrication (add a small amount of grease on the cam)
  • Fuel Type: 20-25% nitro fuel
  • Starting Voltage: 7.4V lithium battery (not included)
  • Product Dimensions: 12.34 x 3.2 x 12.73cm
  • Product Weight: 2050g
  • Package Dimensions: 17 x 15 x 4cm
  • Package Weight: 2950g

Know More about TOYAN V8 Engine

  • 1. DIY Fun: Constructed with precision components, this model is assembled according to detailed instructions, providing a thorough understanding of the mechanical principles at work.
  • 2.High Simulation Miniature: Crafted with red sports elements, this model features a highly authentic appearance at a 1/10 scale, providing a realistic representation of a V8 engine.
  • 3.Long Stroke: Build your own working V8 engine with the DIY 1/10 V8 Engine Model kit. The cross crankshaft design provides higher torque while the flexible oil seal ensures optimal performance at high speeds. A perfect educational and informative model for any engine enthusiast.
  • 4. Mechanical water cooling pump: The pump's power comes from the crankshaft, providing circulation for the coolant liquid. Along with the cooling fan, this enhances the self-cooling performance.
  • 5.Integrated Machining Crankshaft: Constructed with a 90-degree cross crankshaft design, this engine provides a seamless performance and heightened response to acceleration, reaching a maximum speed of 12500 RPM.
  • 6. Precise Rocker Arm: Independent Intake & Exhaust Design,More Accurate Valve Switch,Alloy Rocker Arm.
  • 7.Dual Synchronous Pulley: The DIY 1/10 V8 Engine Model allows you to build your own V8 engine with a high-performing dual synchronous pulley timing structure. This minimizes gear jumping during high speed operation, ensuring a smooth and efficient engine. Perfect for those looking for a challenging yet rewarding experience.
  • 8. Precise Carburetor: This engine features a newly designed carburetor with a pump for precise adjustment, enhanced throttle response, and smoother overall operation.
  • 9. Integrated Exhaust Pipe: The compact all-metal exhaust manifold provides the engine with a strong and robust sound for a more dynamic and powerful experience.
  • 10. Lightweight: The engine's lightweight design allows for excellent compatibility with RC models and significantly enhances the output ratio of its power.
  • 11. Wide Application: This TOYAN V8 Engine functions as a top-performing model engine for your desk, a valuable resource for modding RC vehicles or boats, a helpful tool for conducting physical mechanical experiments, and a sophisticated present for any model enthusiast.

Package List:

  • 1 * TOYAN FS-V800 Engine Kit
  • 1* Instructions

Warm Tips:
This TOYAN V8 Engine is in KIT version.
Ignition starting parts and water cooling parts need to be purchased separately.
Please follow the instructions carefully to avoid engine damage or danger.
Age Recommendation: 14+

FAQ About TOYAN V8 Engine
Q1: Would you please share some basic information about this TOYAN V8 Engine?
There are 2 version for TOYAN V8 Engine, one is KIT and the other assembled. This V8 engine is in 1/10 scale and use nitro (methanol) fuel. (20-25% nitro fuel is prepared by user)

 Q2: How does this TOYAN V8 Engine lubricate?
About its lubrication method, it is the same to TOYAN FS-L400 Engine, that is to say, it adopts mixed splash lubrication instead of independent lubrication. Just add a small amount of grease to the camshaft.

Q3: Is it water cooling or air cooling?
This new TOYAN V8 Engine is water-cooled version due to the positioning is mainly desktop power and is based on TOYAN L400 4-cylinder engine. There is a built-in mechanical water-cooling pump and the power of the pump body comes from the crankshaft to provide circulating power for the coolant. (Water cooling accessories are prepared by user)

Q4: What's difference of the exhaust pipe of TOYAN V8 Engine?
There is a highlight of this TOYAN V8 Engine's exhaust pipe. It adopts full metal small integrated exhaust manifold which is welded instead of metal printed parts. And the process is quite difficult and it costs a lot to lower the defect rate.

Q5: Is there any new design for this TOYAN V8 Engine's carburetor ?
Certainly, the carburetor of TOYAN V8 Engine adopts a new carburetor with a pump that is completely different from TOYAN L400 Engine.

Q6: What's the crank structure about this TOYAN V8 Engine?
TOYAN V8 Engine adopts a 90-degree cross-crankshaft structure. You must know that performance machines generally use a straight-line crankshaft like Ferrari V8.

Q7: Is there any support for the crankshaft on TOYAN V8 Engine?
Sure, we did .
Pain point of crankshaft support - the crankshaft of TOYAN V8 adopts an integrated design, which is thickened, and there is a support point in the middle of the crankshaft to avoid the same mistakes as TOYAN L400 Engine.

Q8: Why methanol engine? I like gasoline engine better!
TOYAN V8 engine is powered by nitro but we are able to transfer it into the gasoline version. Because the side of the cylinder head adopts the D-axis extension and the OP upgrade parts will be lauched in the next future.

Q9: Any other color for option?
TOYAN V8 Engine still adopts red and black which is recognizable color to TOYAN Engines. TOYAN V8 Engine may be in different colors in the next future. Which Color You Want Best?

Q10: Will there be a supercharger compatible with TOYAN V8 Engine?
As an OP upgrade, the supercharger is being designed now and will be launched soon after TOYAN V8 Engine being released.

Q11: What scale of rc car is the TOYAN V8 Engine suitable for?
According to the size of the engine, it is probably suitable for rc cars with a ratio of about 1/5 and 1/6.

Q12: The TOYAN V8 uses a single camshaft structure like the 4-cylinder engine. Will a V8 with a dual camshaft structure be launched in the future?
Yes, this TOYAN V8 adopts single camshaft structure. Even though it is not easy to make a V8 engine with a dual camshaft structure but several V8 Engine will be launched in the next future.

🎨 Additional Information

Gasoline, Nitro

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