Educational Miniature Programming JetAuto ROS Robot Car Powered by Jetson Nano

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Vendor: Hiwonder
Type: Robotics
SKU: RB0002-1
🔔 Description

JetAuto ROS Robot Car Powered by Jetson Nano with Lidar Depth Camera Touch Screen, Support SLAM Mapping and Navigation

Product Description
JetAuto is an entry-level ROS education robot powered by Jetson Nano. Featuring a Lidar, depth camera and 7-inch screen, JetAuto provides various functionalities, such as robot motion control, mapping and navigation and human feature recognition.
360° Omnidirectional Movement
With 4 omnidirectional mecanum wheels, JetAuto can move 360°. Different movement modes (move forward, horizontally, diagonally and rotate ) and excellent performance make it bold to challenge various complicated routes.
Equipped with Lidar & Supports SLAM Mapping Navigation
JetAuto is equipped with lidar, which can realize SLAM mapping and navigation, and supports path planning, fixed-point navigation and dynamic obstacle avoidance.

DC Geared Motor

It offers robust force, has a high-precision encoder,and includes a protective end shell to ensure an extended service life.

7-inch HD LCD Touch Screen

With a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and compatible with NVIDIA, this screen allows you to freely monitor and debug various parameters of the robot.

240° High-performance Pan-tilt

JetAuto's high-precision pendulum suspension structure balances the force exerted on all four wheels, enabling good adaptability to uneven surfaces.

6CH Far-field Microphone Array

The 6-channel microphone array and speakers support sound source positioning, voice recognition control, voice navigation and other functions.

Function List

Lidar Mapping Navigation

JetAuto is equipped with lidar, which supports path planning, fixed-point navigation, navigation and obstacle avoidance, multiple algorithm mapping, and realizes radar guard and radar tracking functions.

3D Vision Al Upgraded Interaction
JetAuto is equipped with a 3D depth camera, supports 3D vision mapping and navigation, and can obtain 3D point cloud images. Through deep learning, it can realize more AI vision interactive gameplay.

Deep Learning, Autonomous Driving

With JetAuto, you can design an autonomous driving scenario to put ROS into practice, which enables you to better understand core functions of autonomous driving.

MediaPipe Development, Upgraded AI Interaction
JetAuto utilizes MediaPipe development framework to accomplish various functions, such as human body recognition, fingertip recognition, face detection, and 3D detection.
Fingertip Trajectory Recognition
Human Body Recognition
3D Detection
3D Face Detection
AI Vision Interaction
By incorporating artificial intelligence, JetAuto can implement KCF target tracking, line following, color/ tag recognition and tracking, YOLO object recognition and more.
KCF Target Tracking
Relying on KCF filtering algorithm, the robot can track the selected target.
Vision Line Following
JetAuto supports custom color selection, and the robot can identify color lines and follow them.
Color/ Tag Recognition and Tracking
JetAuto is able to recognize and track the designated color, and can recognize multiple April Tags and their coordinates at the same time.
YOLO Object Recognition
Utilize YOLO network algorithm and deep learning model library to recognize the objects.
6CH Far-field Microphone Array
This 6CH far-field microphone array is adroit at far-field sound source localization, voice recognition and voice interaction. In comparison to ordinary microphone module,it can implement more advanced functions.
Sound Source Localization
Through the 6-microphone array, high-precision positioning of noise reduction sources is achieved. With radar distance recognition, Hiwonder can be summoned at any location.
TTS Voice Broadcast
The text content published by ROS can be directly converted into voice broadcast to facilitate interactive design.
Voice Interaction
Speech recognition and TTS voice broadcast are combined to realize voice interaction and support the expansion of iFlytek's online voice conversation function.
Voice Navigation
Use voice commands to control Hiwonder to reach any designated location on the map, similar to the voice control scenario of a food delivery robot.
ROS Robot Operating System
Global Popular Robotic Communication Framework
ROS is an open-source meta operating system for robots. It provides some basic services, such as hardware abstraction, low-level device control, implementation of commonly used functionality, message-passing between processes, and package management. And it also offers the tools and library functions needed to obtain, compile, write, and run code across computers. It aims at providing code reuse support for robotics research and development.
Gazebo Simulation
JetAuto is built on the Robot Operating System (ROS) and integrates with Gazebo simulation. This enables effortless control of the robot in a simulated environment, facilitating algorithm prevalidation to prevent potential errors. Gazebo provides visual data, allowing you to observe the motion trajectories of each endpoint and center. This visual feedback facilitates algorithm enhancement.
Body Simulation Control
Through robot simulation control, algorithm verification of mapping navigation can be carried out to improve the iteration speed of the algorithm and reduce the cost of trial and error.
Rviz Shows URDF Model
Provide an accurate URDF model, and observe the mapping navigation effect through the Rviz visualization tool to facilitate debugging and improving algorithms.

Wrapped Rear Tail Shell

It can effectively protect the PCB circuit and magnetic ring at the end of the motor from external influences, effectively improving the safety and service life of the motor.

Permanent Magnet Brushed Motor

The permanent magnet DC motor has fast starting response speed, large starting torque and smooth speed change.

High-precision Magnetic Encoder

The motor is equipped with a high-precision magnetic encoder, has strong horsepower, high precision, and strong anti-interference ability.

Adapt to Various Scenes

The low speed of 1:90 reduction ratio and the high torque of enable the motor to adapt to car chassis made of various materials.

Hall Encoder Geared Motor
520 motor comes with high-accuracy encoder, and features strong force and high performance. The built-in AB phase incremental Hall encoder stands out for its high accuracy and anti-interference ability.
Mecanum Wheel
The mecanum wheel has a compact structure and flexible movement, supports 360° all-round movement, and realizes the full lateral movement of the car.
Multi-functional Expansion Board
The expansion board has a built-in IMU sensor which can detects robot posture in real time. There are 2-channel PWM, two keys, a LED, a buzzer, 9-channel serial bus servo interface, two GPIO expansion ports and two IIC interfaces on it.
Lithium battery parameters
The fuselage has a built-in 11.1V 6000mAh large-capacity lithium battery to improve the robot's endurance.
Chassis Tracked chassis Ackerman steering structure Pendulum suspension chassis Pendulum suspension chassis
Wheel Nylon track 100mm Solid rubber wheel 97mm Mecanum wheel 97mm Mecanum wheel
Motor 520 Motor*2 520 Motor*2 520 Motor*4 520 Motor*4
Servo Intelligent servo*1 Intelligent servo*2 Intelligent servo*1 Intelligent servo*5
Camera Astra Pro Plus depth camera Astra Pro Plus depth camera Astra Pro Plus depth camera Astra Pro Plus depth camera and monocular camera
Wheel Nylon track 100mm Solid rubber wheel 97mm Mecanum wheel 97mm Mecanum wheel
Lidar /
Robot Arm / / / Monocular vision robotic arm
Features ROS in-depth development Able to overcome obstacles Autonomous driving research Pendulum suspension for stable driving 360° omnidirectional movement Grabbing and transporting
Specification Parameters
Size: 302*260*256mm
Weight: 3500g
Material: Full-metal hard aluminum alloy bracket
Battery: 11.1V 6000mAh lithium battery
Continuous working life: 60min
Hardware: ROS controller and ROS expansion board
Operating system: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS + ROS Melodic
Software: iOS/ Android APP
Communication: USB/ WiFi / Ethernet
Programming language: Python/ C/ C++/ JavaScript
Storage: 32GB TF card
Servo: HTS-20H serial bus servo
Control method: Phone/ Handle control
Package size (advanced kit): 335* 320*225mm
Package weight (advanced kit): About 4500g
Product Parameters
Dimensional Diagram
SLAMTEC A1 Lidar Parameters
EAI G4 Lidar Parameters
Depth Camera Parameters
6-Microphone Array Parameters
7-inch LCD Screen Parameters
HTS-20H Servo Parameters
Abundant Learning Materials
JetAuto Starter Packing List
JetAuto Standard Packing List
JetAuto Advanced Packing List

Item Specification
Size 302*260*256mm
Product weight 3500g
Material Full-metal hard aluminum alloy bracket (anodized)
Battery 11.1V 6000mAh Lipo battery
Continuous working life 60min
Hardware ROS controller and ROS expansion board
Operating system Ubuntu 18.04 LTS + ROS Melodic
Software iOS/ Android app
Communication USB/ WiFi / Ethernet
Programming language Python/ C/ C++/ JavaScript
Storage 32GB TF card
Servo HTS-20H serial bus servo
Control method Phone/ Handle control
Package size (advanced kit) 335* 320* 225mm
Package weight (advanced kit) About 4500g
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